Everything is subject to change; strive on with diligence

Everything is subject to change; strive on with diligence.

Continuing from the theme on the title page, religion and spirituality has had a large part to play in my life. Both my parents were Catholics, dad probably more so than mum. He always maintained that his Faith had helped him survive his time under the Japanese. Grandma was totally adamant that her Faith had helped her believe he would return from the Far East. Mum, in later life, had her Faith to sustain her through widowhood, raising three [awkward at times] sons, etc. In her last 20+ years, her religion kept her going through retirement, loneliness, losing memories, moving to the Little Sisters and just generally slowing down into a world contained with the walls of the convent. Morning mass, rosary slot, cared for by the ‘nuns’ and daily contact with priests especially Tom Forster all helped her through life. Maybe it reconciled her to the many different ways we three developed, ‘cocked up’, achieved and neglected………… There was always a prayer at hand; on a slip of paper, prayer book, rosary or in her spoken thoughts. That was Faith but not for me any more.

Anyway, we all change and I think for the benefit of any readers, this is where I begin. I’m born, I had a very religious upbringing and there were high religious hopes and expectations of me. In my mind, I haven’t betrayed them. In fact, in terms of a ‘return’ for the investment my family, Church, etc put into my different phases of religious upbringing and education, there has been a positive return. I actually taught  religion in its widest range, for  35 years. Ok, the range went from RC through the world religions to moral and social consciousness but it was still, in essence, religious and spiritual. 

Next up, a plan of what I want to include in tese pages

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