Live Free Or Die

In the beginning…..

I guess from a bloke who went to seminary and then studied theology before teaching R E for countless years, the above title is appropriate. This is not going to be a religious blog. In fact it will be anything other except when I cross refer religion and belief to the pages I enter.

June 3rd 1948; well it had to start somewhere and this was it. Carlisle Maternity Hospital on Fusehill Street; former Workhouse for the city of Carlisle and nowadays part of the campus of the University of Cumbria [ or Cumbria University].

My parents, Alice (nee Taylor) and Michael Gerard Foster (Gerry to all and sundry) were obviously overjoyed to have a son, especially after dad’s incarceration as a prisoner of the Imperial Japanese Empire. Luckily for mum and me, he survived but more on FEPOW at a later date.

Grandma, Mary Theresa (Loughran) was equally overjoyed at having another Michael in the family. Dad, Mary T’s dad and uncle[s] and long before them, more Michaels. Must have been the ‘Irish’ thing………… Do I dare raise the idea of ‘Micks’ in the family?

Anyway, grandma and parents had moved into 62 Broad Street early in the previous year and that’s where I was to spend the next 20 years of my life.

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