The Loves of my life!

So here it is in writing and pictures, The Loves of my life:-

  1. Tom, Lil and Mary; all in Liverpool, at Lil’s Graduation in 2015
  2. Mary after a successful lunch in Davy’s, Covent Garden. Red wine is the essence of life
  3. The last two younger generation Fosters, with aged father, at Amy’s Wedding in 2016. Mary was with Cliff, on a pleasure boat off Monte Carlo!

Not that these are the only photos but today, I felt, they were the ones to share. Eventually, the running commentary on the important people in my immediate life, will be written about. Suffice it to say, without Mary, the other two would not be here, nor would they be what they are. [nb. tense, ‘are‘  and not, ‘what they have become‘ as all is subject to change and we all live in the immediate. You can’t step into the same flow of river water twice! ( thank you Lord Buddha )


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