Diary 23rd December

Read Alan Bennett’s Diary entries in LRB Blog. That’s the way to go, was my first instinct. From brief, very concise comments to slightly longer items over a period of the year, Post Brexit, post Trump,revisiting Venice  etc. all giving a snapshot of his feelings and his travels. Is it me, this style? I doubt it as i bang on for a length of time then lie fallow for even longer. The entries in my reading record show periods of reading which are focused and extensive followed by brief comment then long silences. Equally, I,m not Bennett! For example he raises deaths this year which have been in the news. Several, I don’t recognise as they are part of his literary milieu; others such as Bowie are only of passing interest. Characters such as Alan Rickman I do recognise but where was Leonard Cohen in all these? Cohen songs fed into my life experience at TASC and subsequently. More recently, in  the recordings we have bought and the concerts we have been to. His death, though inevitable, was quite a shock. All is subject to change but his words linger on. Must hit the cd player again. ‘Closing Time‘ as a possible finale at a cremation. Wonder how that would go down with the punters [and anyway, I wouldn’t hear it.]?

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