Post Xmas Reflection 2016

Well, it’s over for another year. The last tipsy relatives left by 10.00 pm yesterday and the sober, muslim branch left at about 8.30 am today. The house is peaceful but empty; shame really as the buzz from the youngest nephew and niece have kept us going for two days. Began my real ‘meaning of Christmas’ meal this morning with the obligatory turkey sandwiches. Not sure wholemeal brown rolls counted!

The whole bit about Christmas was strangely fragmented. Christmas Eve and mass were a bit of a let-down as it’s not the same as Midnight Mass from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Ok we miss the ‘great & good’ imposing their version of Christmastide; overlong service, music etc. but it did have tradition behind it. Maybe it died for me when we started a family or even further back in time when I left Carlisle for good. Anyway, for decency’s sake, I don’t like going to church half pickled or asleep on my feet. Mind you, this year’s sermon was a bit more alert; calling us all to be mindful of the disastrous situations in the middle east where migrants / refugees [like Jesus, Mary & Joseph] are under threat. No solutions except the urge to be more aware; if being more aware then leads to individual action, then all well and good. Anything better than Fr Gregory pushing the parish Pilgrimage to The Holy Land, two years ago!

During the Christmas DY conversations, Sam [ ] wasn’t too sure what I was getting at when I asked what her family did for Eid? “Same as you.” Didn’t understand the conext referred to was The Royle Family. My only experiences of Eid were 44 years ago and blood on the streets of Port Sudan from the animal ‘sacrifices’ or of Sir being unable to buy and slaughter a sheep in the midlands for Eid. All the same, it did reinforce my earlier post regarding the difficulties we have in empathising with other peoples’ cultures and heritages.[ Cross referencing The Good Immigrant.]

I also think that they may have fun coping with the girls  growing up as a teenagesr in multi- cultural Leicester or even university. As for the boy, just hope he has time with Nick & Tom as he gets older.

Khadija, Layla and Princess Lily off to Frozen On Ice at the O22016-12-26 12.14.02.jpg

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