A ‘wake up call’ in October

I’m a waster of time in the sense that my time use doesn’t produce physical or measurable results which others would deem product!

My time has been spent, since my retirement, in 2013, reading, writing a book reading log and riding my bikes.( A simplistic 3 Rs )  In 2015, Mary retired and to that tally of activities, travel has become more to the fore. Canada, USA, both in the ‘Fall’ and to ‘The Deep South’ followed by Vietnam and later, Japan. Interspersed with these epic travels, we have had several trips to Leicester, Durham and Southwold, then add in Benalmádena x2 , Munich and Cork and that’s a huge carbon footprint.

If that wasn’t enough, we have Cornwall, Benalmádena and Malaysia in the diary and then there’s the event/events which may or may not occur to celebrate the triple anniversaries of marriage, big birthday and house purchase. Being me, small scale trumps big!

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